Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 Release date, Specs, features & Price

In past few years Samsung has launched multiple devices based on Tizen OS and upgrading there apps continuously. Recently company has announced Galaxy Note 7 which is now Samsung’s most advanced Note series device and features really awesome specifications. The Galaxy Note 7 and new VR Headset are now available and Samsung is once again in the news. Yes, now its time for new Samsung Gear 2016.  Below you can watch Gear S3 live Stream direct from Germany.

The Launch event is scheduled for Wednesday, August 31 at 6PM central european timings and 12 PM eastern timings. The News came out from Samsung twitter handle where they have posted “Talk About 3” which is clear indication that its “Gear S3”. This year company has launched Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone’s featuring most advanced specification and features. Here we are going to talk about specifications and features of upcoming Samsung Gear S3.

Galaxy Gear S3

Galaxy Gear S3 Smartwatch: Specs and Rumours

As per the latest reports, Samsung is developing a new SoC for its smartwatches as Exynos 3250 chipset is highly powerful for tiny watches. Galaxy Gear S3 can have an upgraded Exynos processor clocked around 1GHz. It will boast 1GB / 512 MB RAM and will have 4GB of internal memory capacity. Along with hardware integration Samsung is also working on its software optimization to provide more features in Samsung Gear S3.

Here is complete full specification list of upcoming Galaxy Gear S3 Smartwatch.

SmartWatch Name Galaxy Gear S3 Classic / frontier / Explorer
Display 1.2 / 1.5 inches Super AMOLED,
Always-On display, Rotating Bezel
Protection Corning Gorilla Glass 4,
IP68 Dust and Water Resistance
OS Tizen Based Wearable Platform
Processor 1GHz Exynos SoC
Memory 1GB RAM, 4GB ROM
Features A-GPS, NFC, Smart Sleep, Alarm,
Wireless charging, Photo Viewer,
File sharing, Email, Messages
Sensors GPS Based Speedometer, Altimeter, Accelerometer,
Gyro, SpO2, Heart Rate, Barometer, Pedometer
Battery 400 mAh Li-Ion battery
Release date September, 2016

So, above specifications looks quite promising including GPS, NFC and promises better performance and easy payment all over the world. Samsung Gear S3 will also have a GPS based speedometer and altimeter. This time Samsung is going to put Galaxy Gear S3 classic, Gear S3 Explorer and Gear S3 Frontier for the show. Although we can smell many specs from here, but still these specifications are uncertain and we all are waiting for August 31 to get first impression of Gear S3 smartwatch. We are also getting rumours for Gear S3 classic is one of the best professional variant but can’t say anything Samsung is quiet unpredictable this time.

samsung gear s3

Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 Release date and Price

The launch event is going to held in Berlin on August 31 as we have mentioned above and we are looking forward for September first week as release of Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch. We will update you more about actual release date after the “Talk about 3” event. Presently Gear S2 is available for shipping at $330 USD and Gear S2 Gold variant for $400 USD. The upcoming Galaxy Gear S3 may have a bit higher price but worth buying if it includes all these features. Its expected to cost you around $500 USD. Below is price table for Gear S3 based on current price trend.

Country Name Galaxy Gear S3 Price
Gear S3 Price in USA 499 USD
Gear S3 Price in Canada 641 CAD
Gear S3 Price in Berlin 442 Euro
Price in India 33450 INR
Price in Brazil 1600 BRL
Price in United Kingdom 380 Pound
Price in Japan 50150 YEN
Price in Dubai 1830 Dirham
Price in China 3310 Yuan
Price in Pakistan 52300 PAK

Note: The above price may vary 20-30 USD depending on carrier and variant you choose.

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What Users wants from upcoming Galaxy Gear S3:

Based on Users demand we have concluded few must have features for upcoming Galaxy Gear S3 and we think you will also love to see these features in next Galaxy Gear:

1) 1.2 and 1.5 inches Screen Size: The Galaxy Gear S2 comes with 1.2 inch dial size which looks perfect for most of people, but this year Samsung should come with 1.5 inch variant for people having larger wrist size.

2) Better Voice Integration over Watch: Samsung has implanted its SVoice application but sometimes the voice integration will not work accurately. This time Samsung should upgrade its SVoice to next level as Google Voice Search.

3) Sleep Monitoring and Alarm: The Galaxy Gear S3 should have an improved Sleep monitoring system that automatically calculate and recommend sleep hours according to number of calories burn and present health data. Also include a powerful alarm system with Gear S3.

So, these are some recommended features based on present reviews and user expectations for upcoming Samsung Galaxy Gear S3. For now its time to wait for official launch which s just couple of hours away from here and see what Samsung has for us. You can leave you thought and recommendations by commenting below and before leaving make sure to like and share us on social media from below buttons.

22 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 Release date, Specs, features & Price

  1. Vikiviki

    500$ is too much samsung……I want to buy s3 gear but its really very expensive for any 75% of your costumers……Sorry samsung

  2. Mike Willison

    I was interested until I saw the price point. At $500 US I will just bump it to $600 and double the battery time (worth it alone) and get real water proofing from Garmin.

  3. BC

    Not for me.

  4. Patrick Dorestan

    I doubt they will put cameras on the watch cause some asshole will try and take a pic under a women’s dress or something to that effecte

  5. GooseDog

    Strava integration please

  6. Check out

    LOL they have models with cameras go check gear s, gear 2, gear

  7. JOHN

    Samsung Gear S3.
    Was interested in an Gear S3 until the projected $200.00 increased selling price .
    A difficult market for most makers of wearables and a price increase of over 66 percent.
    From $300.00 to $500.00 US. Sorry Samsung.

  8. Audrey Mahan

    I’ve had every Samsung watch but I won’t buy another one if this is the price point they are going with. The S2 3g was to expensive but at least it wasn’t $500 US.

  9. Gdom

    My list of required features:
    1) Better battery life
    2) Better battery life
    3) Better battery life
    4) Better battery life
    5) Better battery life
    6) Better battery life

    I love the Samsung Gear design, but until the address the above features, I will be sticking with Pebble watches.

  10. Jay LaBacz

    I would like them to add a speaker back into the watch like it previously had on the Gear 2 Neo. Why pay for a 4g add-on plan when you can use the watch via bluetooth as a hands free device.

    • Charles

      They did add a speaker on the s3 like Gear 3 Neo.

  11. Chase

    It’s useless riposte a camera on it

  12. Paul

    Suggest some of the key things will be; Waterproof so you can swim with it. Microphone and and speaker so you can make calls etc. Agree that a long battery life is vital.

  13. Bryman

    1. 4G LTE instead of 3G/HSPA+
    2. Accurate Pulse Ox measurer (validated to be within 95% accuracy using other medical grade devices)
    3. Ability to share pedometer with friends continuously (similar to Fitbit devices)
    4. Ability to send text messages using Google voice…similar to Google search on smartphone.
    5. Always on time screen….similar to Galaxy s7 phone.
    6. Samsung Pay on watch.
    7. Improved battery life.
    8. Ability to find your phone using watch or vice versa.
    9. Wrist band to be solar powered.
    10. Kinetic Smartphone.

  14. Amy

    Is the gear s3 going to have constant heart rate monitoring vs the gear s2 that only has 10 min or 1 hr monitoring. Does the gear s3 have telephone capabilities like the gear s2 connect?

  15. Mark queen

    When are they going to start integrating cameras in smart watches. That what I would like to see.

    • Chase

      I will never buy a smart watch until they put a camera on it

      • Frank

        They did but with the first Samsung “Gear” but due to legal regulations and poor quality it’s been pulled from designs.

    • XcerptShow

      Did you see the early gear? Why would you want a crappy cam on your watch? How would you aim? Consider the size on your wrist for just the lens alone. The watch should augment the phone so you have to pull it out less often. The spinning dial is an amazing feature(so much better than apples nonsense). Im glad they realized the screen was too small to be navigating. They just need to keep working on battery life. 4 days is a good start. The always on screen is awesome as well. It was annoying to look at your wrist and have to touch it to turn on screen.

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