Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Specs, Price & Release Date

Last year Samsung has launched its one of the biggest innovation and most awaited mobile phone Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and now they have announced Galaxy S7 Flagship in recent event. The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone will have both Exynos and Snapdragons variants, 4GB RAM. The Galaxy S7 will feature pretty decent camera and return of micro SD card (up to 200 GB). Coming on Galaxy Note 6 Flagship, it has been rumoured to have bigger AMOLED display and new design. Here we are going talk in-depth details of Samsung Galaxy Note 6 and Note 6 Edge specification, price and release date.

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Samsung has got great success with their Galaxy S Flagship last year company has launched not 1, not 2 but three Galaxy S6 variants in a row. This year as well Samsung is going to release Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone’s.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6

samsung note 6

At iGalaxyS7, we are going to talk about next generation mobile phones which are going to change the way you think and use them. They are going to change the way you leave and do things forever.

galaxy note 6

Samsung has already launched Galaxy S7 flagship, as per details Samsung will release this flagship in 60-countries by March, 2016. Check out latest comparisons for Galaxy S7:

Talking about Galaxy Note 6, this is just a few weeks and days but rumours of next galaxy note are making appearance over the net. This time, people are expecting a flexible display smartphone which one of the most anticipated feature as from the time of Note 4 but we have not seen it till now. This time, it looks like quite possible as Samsung is rumoured to be testing such kind of displays for next-generation Smartphones.

galaxy note 6

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Smartphone is going to have really high-end specifications with new design and more colour variants. Here we are going to talk about most expected and the possible features for Note 6. There may be possibility of changes as we have enough time for the release and we want Samsung Note 6 to be as perfect as possible.

Samsung Note 6 Specs:

  • 6-inch flexible display
  • Android 6.0.1
  • 4K Resolution
  • 16-Core processor
  • Exynos + Snapdragon Chipset
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 32, 64, 128 GB Internal Storage
  • Micro SD card support
  • 20 MP Primary camera
  • 4000 mAh Battery

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So, these are some initial specifications of upcoming Galaxy Note 6. From these specifications, it looks like the most superior mobile phone at the time. Let’s talk in details of what features and specifications that next Samsung Galaxy Note series will have.

Samsung Note 6 Display:

As listed in specs, Galaxy Note 6 is going to be a 6-inch large phablet with 4K+ HD display. Also, there are rumours that Samsung is preparing a fold-able or may be flexible kind of smartphone for next year. But what we think is that Samsung will launch two variants of Note 6 one is normal as Note 5 but improved specifications and another one with a fold-able kind of display.

Galaxy Note 6 Processor:

Samsung is going to join Qualcomm for bringing something out of the box with most powerful performance matrix next year. Samsung Note 6 Series is going to have both Snapdragon as well as Exynos models as seen with Galaxy S7. It can have Snapdragon 830 which is expected to launch soon this year. Galaxy Note 6 is rumoured to have 6GB RAM which means it’s going to be approx 30-40% improvement in performance and power efficiency.

Galaxy Note 6 Camera Specs:

The recently launch Galaxy S7 flagship has arrived with 12 MP primary and 5 MP front camera which is downgraded as we compare it to Note 5 or Galaxy S6. But in actual you will not find any lack in picture quality as the phone has f/1.8 aperture lens with bigger pixels. Now, talking about Note 6 camera specs,  Samsung is going to launch it’s best camera phone with Note Flagship. Galaxy Note 6 is going to have 20 MP primary and 8 MP front camera with upgraded sensors.

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Storage and Battery:

Samsung has removed the external MicroSD Card option from it’s recent flagship phones as they are bringing 32, 64 and 128 GB storage options. But people are looking at Samsung with great expectations to reintroduce external storage support again. From the leaks of Galaxy S7, we got to know that it will external storage support. So, we can expect Galaxy Note 6 with external MicroSD card support this time.

Talking about battery specs of upcoming Galaxy Note 6, it will have a 4000 mAh power non-removable battery with a fast charging feature.

note 6 edge

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Release Date

This is just few months from the launch of Galaxy Note 5, and rumours are also coming that Samsung will release a Galaxy Note Edge 2 version before Note 6. So, Predicting release date of Note 6 doesn’t make any sense as we have more than 6 month to go for next Note. But we saw the from past few years that Samsung always launch its Note series phone somewhere around August-September. So, we can easily judge the release date of next Note. Samsung is going to release Galaxy Note 6 in Q3 of 2016 after the IFA 2016 event.

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Samsung will release both Galaxy Note 6 and Note 6 Edge variants at the IFA event. For specs and features of Note 6 Edge stay tuned with us. We are soon going to update with Note 6 Edge concepts here.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Price

We all know that price doesn’t matter a lot for this kind of device as having such a high performing mobile phone is not an easy. The NEXT GALAXY NOTE 6 Smartphone is going to cost you a bit more as compared to recently launched Note5. The price of Note 6 will be around 750 to 800 USD.

Galaxy Note 6 Price in various countries as listed below:

Country Galaxy Note 6 Price Galaxy Note 6 Edge Price
Note 6 Price in USA 750 USD 850 USD
Note 6 Price in UK 450 Pound 500 Pound
Note 6 Price in India 50000 INR 60000 INR
Price in Australia 990 AUD 1100 AUD
Price in China 4900 Yuan 5100 Yuan
Price in UAE 2800 Dirham 3500 Dirham
Price in Europe 650 Euro 720 Euro
Price in Canada 900 CAD 1050 CAD

So, finally it’s going to be fantastic 2016 with Galaxy S7 and Note 6 series of Super Smartphones. We are going to update you with more details of next Galaxy Note as soon as we get any further news.

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